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This site was active from late 2004 through mid 2006.
It remains on the Internet to show the early public work of:

The Postman,

whose latest work can be found at:

www.Choose Foreclosure.com

Summer 2006       May Day? May Day!!!

Articles of Interest for Residential Investors

"Debt is real. Equity is opinion." The Postman

Articles below give a realistic snapshot of the market.

Thank you very much ... Patrick. Patrick is Da Man, check his web.

Let the articles be your warning if you continue to own residential property. Denial does not hold safety for your family. Sell investment property next week! Seriously.

Smarter? Sell your home and rent!
Crazy? Will sound prophetic in 2007.

Southwest Florida housing market cooling (naplesnews.com)
Goodbye to the real estate boom (publicradio.org)
Fannie, Freddie are 'Vehicle For Corruption' (siliconinvestor.com)
Record foreclosure pace (rockymountainnews.com)
Hot Foreclosure Market for Bargains (prnewswire.com)
Phoenix Resale Numbers Show Signs of Weaker Market (asu.edu)
Welcome to Fantasyland: Housing's "Soft Landing" (oftwominds.com)
Condos Switch Back To Rentals (msn.com)
Most overpriced places in the U.S. (msn.com)
Housing bust to affect retailers/suppliers (marketwatch.com)
Resort house market cooling off (honoluluadvertiser.com)
Study Says U.S. Foreclosures Rising (chattanoogan.com)
Lennar Update (Mish)
Housebuilders Feel Pain of Cooling Market (yahoo.com)
Housing Market Cools in SoCal (latimes.com - reg req)
560 reduced prices in Bay Area, up from 165 in Jan (craigslist.org)
Prices of houses declining in some LI areas (newsday.com)
New house contracts down 35 pct (reuters.com)
California foreclosures jump (centralvalleybusinesstimes.com)
Record foreclosure pace in Denver (rockymountainnews.com)
Foreclosures Continue to Rise in California and in Arizona (yubanet.com)
The Housing Outlook and Its Impact (yahoo.com)
Ponzi Economy (goldseek.com)
Florida houseowners face soaring insurance costs (heraldtribune.com)
Actual negative news from an agent! (very rare) (realtytimes.com)
More pain for housebuilders (marketwatch.com)
House Builders See Downward Trend (smartmoney.com)
Nebraska inventory way up (journalstar.com)
Housing Will Fall 25%, Assuming... (voiceofsandiego.org)
From paper-clip to house, in 14 trades (cbc.ca)
Dissent on housing descent (ocregister.com)
Room with a view cheap (pe.com)
Manipulating buyer emotions (signonsandiego.com)
Desperate real estate agents turn up bullshit (signonsandiego.com)
3 bedrooms less than paid in 2004? (craigslist.org)
Nervous owners asking for less (orlandosentinel.com)
Year-Over-Year Medians Have Gone Negative (piggington.com)
My neighbor keeps lowering his asking price (washingtonpost.com)
Foreclosure Hot Spots (forbes.com)
The "Soft Landing" Myth (comstockfunds.com)
Kauai prices fall (starbulletin.com)
Nevada market falling (nevadaappeal.com)
Are There Enough Buyers to Go Around? (nytimes.com)
Foreclosures are back (heraldtribune.com)
UK's Real Estate Takes a Hit (elliottwave.com)
Bear Markets in Asset Prices, Part II (whiskeyandgunpowder.com)
House equity lines of credit rates highest in 5 years (usatoday.com)
Housing prices fall in Vermont (boston.com)
South Florida owners are losing their houses (sun-sentinel.com)
Refi loans could prove costly in foreclosure (ocregister.com)
Real estate survey: Consumers wary (bradenton.com)
Manhattan most apartments for sale - 1994 (thejournalnews.com)
Sell this house, get a BMW (detnews.com)
Investors can bet on fate of housing prices (redding.com)
Land-Value Erosion Seen As a Problem for Builders (wsj.com)
Offers too low (detnews.com)
Brookfield: Second-quarter new orders fall 49% (marketwatch.com)
Wallets may read empty as gas nears $3 (denverpost.com)
House: Fount of wealth or last resort? (philly.com)
The Root Cause of the Housing Bubble (Charles Hugh Smith)
Runaway market (newswithviews.com)
US mortgage debt cause global financial crisis (moneyweek.com)
Prices are sliding in central valley (mercurynews.com)
Are banks headed for a fall? (lvbusinesspress.com)
Vegas condo market tanks (lvbusinesspress.com)
Don't hand your house to a thief (msn.com)
Surviving a Real-Estate Slowdown (wsj.com)
Desperate house sellers (detnews.com)
"It's just not reasonable to buy." (washingtonpost.com)
Mortgage rates at new 4-year high (cnn.com)
Don't bite off too much house (msn.com)
England House Prices Fell the Most Since 2004 (bloomberg.com)
High rates stress Bay Area (sfgate.com)
America's housing bubble (dailyreckoning.co.uk)
75 million Americans pretending to own homes (satirewire.com)
Borrowing Ideas From a Housing Lender (blackenterprise.com)
Second-Half Outlook: Housing (businessweek.com)
The economy's next time down has begun (msn.com)
Beach housing no longer sizzles; market fizzles (newsobserver.com)
Foreclosures rising in Chicago (chicagobusiness.com)
Las Vegas: It's definitely a buyer's market (usatoday.com)
23 Skidoo (Mish)
Cheaper US housing overshadows world economy: Soros (yahoo.com)
Fed Treading on Thin Ice as U.S. Housing Bubble Weakens (cepr.net)
Observations on California Housing, July 2006 (Jas Jain)
A 'perfect storm'? Costs could kill condo mania (bizjournals.com)
Sales plunge, prices levelSouth Florida (sun-sentinel.com)
Housing Market May Be Slowing Down (wsoctv.com)
Clergyman jailed for land flips (masslive.com)
Construction spending fell worst - two years (gloucestertimes.com)
Foreclosures soar statewide (masslive.com)
Thornburg - cooling trend indicates imminent bubble burst (google.com)
Rate hikes short-change average Americans (charlotte.com)
Up north real estate (freep.com)
Maine's real estate market growth slows down (boston.com)
Housing future uncertain, but certainly not good (dailynews.com)
O.C. can't shake slump (ocregister.com)
Mortgage Fraud Blog (mortgagefraudblog.com)
Surprise drop in construction (cnn.com)
U.S. construction spending down 0.4% in May (marketwatch.com)
The moral burden of bankruptcy (yahoo.com)
Foreclosure experts predict a filing surge (bizjournals.com)
People who lost money on their house recently (forsakencraft.com)
Real estate (property-report.com)
No House Party (thestreet.com)
Interest rates may just keep on rising (bloomberg.com)
Renters examine finances beforehomeownership (sun-sentinel.com)
Housing future uncertain, but certainly not good (dailynews.com)
Fiasco over PMI sends home buyer into foreclosure (mercurynews.com)
Pastor Sentenced For Real Estate Fraud (thebostonchannel.com)
House buyers concerned as builder disappears (zwire.com)
Renting, and in the right frame of mind (sptimes.com)
Thinking about Dilemmas (baltimorechronicle.com)
Boost in rates blurs mortgage options (contracostatimes.com)
Foreclosed property fast at the Courthouse (jaxdailyrecord.com)
FOMC Rally (blogspot.com)
Housing bubble deflating (publicradio.org)
English houseowner's take-home paywiped out by mortgage (co.uk)
"The housing bubble has finally burst" (kitco.com)
Growing evidence of real-estate 'bust' (marketwatch.com)
Could condo boom bring glut? (ajc.com)
Insurance Rates Push Florida Homeowners to Brink (nytimes.com)
The tables have turned in U.S. housing market (iht.com)
House buyers face tough decision (contracostatimes.com)
More mortgage pain coming after rate hike (mercurynews.com)

Risk Rankings (aol.com)
Musical Chairs (blogspot.com)
Is the US housing market correcting or crashing? (moneyweek.com)
Six months to housing hell (moneyweek.com)
Home loan demand drops as rates hit 4-year high (redorbit.com)
Mortgage Applications Fall as Interest Rates Climb (foxnews.com)
State housing market slows (dailynews.com)
Some house prices see first dip (heraldtribune.com)
Housing now buyers' market (enquirer.com)
Systemic Risk and Housing (treas.gov)
Foreclosures Up 28 Percent From Last Year (originatortimes.com)
Housing, inflation pose dangers (reuters.com)
Mortgage demand drops rates highest since '02 (usatoday.com)
Housing market favoring buyers (thedesertsun.com)
Houses are expensive relative to their size (stansberryresearch.com)
Analysts think prices could drop all year... (tcpalm.com)
House Sellers Cut Prices U.S. Market Turns Chilly (bloomberg.com)
Property values bracing for a fall (sfgate.com)
Chances rise for housing-driven recession (reuters.com)
Existing Home Sales (blogspot.com)
Home Inspections (blogspot.com)
Stuck! Houses sit longer on the market (cnn.com)
Fannie and Freddie at risk, Treasury says (nwsource.com)
Housing is at risk of slowing more than expected (bloomberg.com)
Land Swings House Prices (businessweek.com)
The bear market in housing stocks is an early warning of just how ugly the housing market will get (usatoday.com)
Area house, condo sales plunge again (palmbeachpost.com)
Rising interest rates take bite out of house sales (usatoday.com)
Buyers in more markets find housing out of reach (usatoday.com)
U.S. House Resales Fellto Lowest in 4 Months (bloomberg.com)
Real Estate Bust (oftwominds.com)
Mass. house prices drop 4% as sales fall (boston.com)
Real estate market can't outrun fate (dallasnews.com)
New-house sales rise in U.S., but prices drop (hamiltonspectator.com)
It's a buyer's market as house sales sag (freep.com)
Danielle DiMartino: We're still in denial on housing (projo.com)
Houseowners think Government pay their mortgage' (24dash.com)
New and old: The battle for housing dollars (recordnet.com)
Colorado still tops foreclosures (rockymountainnews.com)
Soros: "Gigantic Real Estate Bubble" (Rich Toscano)
San Diego losing population, San Antonio gaining (mysanantonio.com)
Rates No Longer an Excuse (Rich Toscano)
FED Study: Price of Residential Land (Calculated Risk)
Robert Reich: "home prices are dropping" (prospect.org)
HUD's House of Pancakes: FHA Property Flipping & A Pinch Of Restriction (bloggernews.net)
The Bubblicious Fence (Bubblemeter)
Full-Service Brokers' Tactics To Rebuff Discount Rivals Hurt Customers (yahoo.com)
Real estate investing may carry price (timesunion.com)
High inventory levels, unrealistic sale prices dampen housing market (dailybulletin.com)
Scientists warn of big quake on SoCal fault line (dailybulletin.com)
Prominent builders failing to pay subcontractors (Mish)
East SF Bay unsold inventory skyrocketing (photos1.blogger.com)
"The market isn't soft. It isn't even slow. It's dead." (lohud.com)
S.F.-area home sales down 20 percent in May (msn.com)
More housing gloom ahead (msn.com)
Beware False Housing Hopes (businessweek.com)
House loan demand drops as rates hit 4-year high (yahoo.com)
521 reduced prices on craigslist (craigslist.org)
Condo sales declining (orlandosentinel.com)
Subprime mortgage market tested by slowdown (reuters.com)
Is financing bomb set to go off on owners? (thedesertsun.com)
Inventory is at the highest level in years (pe.com)
Litigation Nightmare & Heartbreak Hotel (Mish)
Fed to boost rates further in its rate-hiking campaign (cnn.com)
Who Gets Hammered in the 2007 Housing Bust (Charles Hugh Smith)
Buying at the Top (ezinearticles.com)
MA foreclosures rise to ten-year high (bostonherald.com)
Fear grips Phoenix housing market (dallasnews.com)
Foreclosures Expected to Jump As Riskier Adjustable Mortgages Reset (sfgate.com)
U.S. June housing market index falls to 11-year low (marketwatch.com)
Beazer Teaser (Mish)
Real Estate System Criticized (washingtonpost.com)
Buyers pay higher prices because 'cartel' stifles competition (cnn.com)
Rising inventory cools southern Oregon housing market (newsreview.info)
Builders offer home buyers bribes as inventory piles up (heraldtribune.com)
Housebuilder Confidence in U.S. Drops to 11-Year Low (bloomberg.com)
Phil's Response to article in San Francisco Chronicle (boycotthousing.com)
Pingpong mortgages leave man buried in debt (palmbeachpost.com)
Firebugs McMansion Service (Patch Tuesday)
Even Weak Housing Data and North Korea Fails to Keep Away Dollar Bulls (yahoo.com)
Nervous owners have begun dropping their prices (latimes.com)
It's getting tough to find any buyers (bankrate.com)
San Diego House Prices Take Largest-Ever Dive (nbcsandiego.com)
North Texas foreclosures jump 26% over last year (dallasnews.com)
Sacramento housing glut worsens (sacbee.com)
The Three Secrets to Unloading Property Today (Charles Hugh Smith)
Sketchy lending practices forcing many from their homes (palmbeachpost.com)
Foreclosing on the American dream (denverpost.com)
Investors Prepare for Fed to Raise Rates in August (bloomberg.com)
Even foreclosure vultures hurt by sagging real estate market (contracostatimes.com)
Glut of houses on Sonoma County market (pressdemocrat.com)
Shiller: Real estate is risky business (cnn.com)
The McMansion Glut (wsj.com)
Fannie regulator says scandal cost $30B (cnn.com)
Arizona Apartments turned into condos now a tough sell (nalert.blogspot.com)
Deed Restrictions: The American Reality (msn.com)
Diminishing Returns (voiceofsandiego.org)
Centex Corp. hire actors to pose as houseowners (msn.com)
Commission Accomplished (nytimes.com)

Real Estate Pimps (Patch Tuesday)
Prices fall 11% in Humbolt County (times-standard.com)
Large clusters of brightly colored "For Sale" signs creating 'visual pollution' (santacruzsentinel.com)
Phoenix houses sit with big price tags (azstarnet.com)
Builder lowers forecast, says record demand for houses past (cnn.com)
Ex-Fannie Mae chiefs in cross hairs (contracostatimes.com)
Bubble, Bubble, Who's in Trouble? (businessweek.com)
A Look at Averages (Mish)
One More Hole in the Housing Bubble: Insurance (Charles Hugh Smith)
House Affordability at 2-Decade Low (latimes.com)
Collapsing Bubble (lewrockwell.com)
The Vice Tightens on Middle Class Families (warrenreports.tpmcafe.com)
Housing Price Dive (fox6.com)
475 reduced prices on craigslist (craigslist.com)
The pain of mortgage over-extension (yahoo.com)
Fears of futher rate hikes (cnn.com)
Inflation rises, and interest rates sure to follow (csmonitor.com)
Admin. Starting Reviews of Fannie, Freddie (forbes.com)
Bubble Trouble in Canada and Spain (Mish)
Housing slowdown could hurt construction jobs (cnn.com)
Menlo Park, CA prices fall 22.6% year over year (Wall Street Journal)
San Diego County house prices take a tumble (signonsandiego.com)
Foreclosures In California On The Rise (cbs13.com)
Minneapolis market awash in houses for sale (startribune.com)
Housing bubble correction could be severe (usnews.com)
Housing boom brings record loan debt, says Harvard (ft.com)
How to Profit From a Cooling Real Estate Market (yahoo.com)
What Happens When Housing Employment Plummets? (Charles Hugh Smith)
House prices too high in 71 cities (usatoday.com)
Web takes toll on house prices (tcpalm.com)
With a bang - or a whimper? (dailyreckoning.com)
Naples ranked most overpriced housing market in US (nbc-2.com)
Farewell to the flippers: House prices are falling (msn.com)
Look out below (freemarketnews.com)
Here come the foreclosures (startribune.com)
Foreclosures rising with debt, job losses (chron.com)
A median-priced house in Silicon Valley -2006 edition (viewfromsiliconvalley.com)
Builder Pain Spreads to WCI (thestreet.com)
Virginia houses Selling 10% Below Assessed Values (fcnp.com)
Another rate increase is on the way (yahoo.com)
More houses than buyers, so sellers sweeten the pot (sacbee.com)
Lennar has filed suit against Morgan (Mish)
39% of U.S. housing at risk for falling prices (marketwatch.com)
Prices Drooping, Buyers Waiting (yahoo.com)
Thank You For Buying Houses (Patch Tuesday)
South Florida Foreclosures Increase Significantly in One Year (yahoo.com)
A glut of venerable houses available (southofboston.com)
I Want My Bubble Back! (fool.com)
Tide going out for Cape house sellers (boston.com)
FL House prices drop from April to May (bradenton.com)
Housing stocks plunge! Housing is next! (moneyandmarkets.com)
Higher Interest Rates Are Forcing Housing Foreclosures across the Country (pbs.org)
Regulators investigating mortgage practices (bayshorenews.com)
Cheerleader Panic, the HPI, and the Battle of New Orleans (Mish)
Vegas Condo switch sales level off (reviewjournal.com)
New Mortgages Worry Regulators (washingtonpost.com)
Housing inventory through the roof (denverpost.com)
Pick your poison, Ben (sprott.com) PDF
Congress sells out Internet! Patrick.net doomed...
Selling a house? Good luck (rockymountainnews.com)
Will Bernanke Tank Housing? (businessweek.com))
Price reduction always better than upgrades (msn.com)
10 cities where prices will deflate (msn.com)
US surge in unsold houses may herald cooling market (ft.com)
Vegas sales slip-and-slide in May (lvbusinesspress.com)
Adjustable Rate Mortgages Set to Create Trouble (thetrumpet.com)
Housing Will Fall 25%, Assuming... (Rich Toscano)
Houses selling for below assessed value in Greater Boston (realestatecafe.blogs.com)
Broker accuses Lennar of shoddy work (Mish)
Virginia condos sit empty (styleweekly.com)
House refinancings at 2006 low (reuters.com)
Constraints On Freddie, Fannie May Last Years (washingtonpost.com)
Mortgage applications last week fewest in year (msn.com)
The Return of the Short Sale (Tim Iacono)
Executive Vice President at Pimco Turns Into Renter (pimco.com)
Supply of unsold houses up 71 percent in a year across N.J. (northjersey.com)
Mish's Movie Review (Mish)
House builders slam on the brakes (startribune.com)
Soft-landing thesis for the homebuilding industry is dead (thestreet.com)
Group Lowers Forecast for U.S. House Sales in 2006 (foxnews.com)
Affluent Americans sour on real estate (cnn.com)
Interest rate hikes to continue (washingtonpost.com)
Orders Down Sharply on Lower Demand, Higher Cancellations (yahoo.com)
Builders offer purchase incentives (tracypress.com)
Implosion (forbes.com)
Financial Kryptonite in a "Super-Strength" Housing Market (Charles Hugh Smith)
The housing market's big chill (snl.com)
Exotic mortgages remain popular despite increasing risks (marketwatch.com)
Proposed $3 billion Las Vegas development scrapped as market softens (msn.com)
Foreclosures go up sharply in AZ (azstarnet.com)
Houses Aplenty in Las Vegas (reviewjournal.com)
Vegas housing: not too hot anymore (csmonitor.com)
Property market set to slump (physicsweb.org)
Kansas foreclosures soar during year (ljworld.com)
Foreclosure investors reap gains (statesman.com)
Foreclosures up 32 percent in first quarter (rockymountainnews.com)
Beware of Cooling the Housing Market (ladowntownnews.com)
Observations On California Housing June 2006 (Jas Jain)
The Rise and Fall of Real Estate Prices (move.com)
Time to manage expectations as NY market dips (therealdeal.net)
Sacramento Owners Turn to Short Sales to Avoid Foreclosure (news10.net)
China: "Don't Buy a House for Three Years" (washingtonchinareview.org)
Bush Boom is now a whimper (philly.com)
House resale prices take dip (denverpost.com)
Losing the house (fortwayne.com)
Pinch of adjustable-rate loans felt (novatoadvance.com)
Pulte Homes cuts outlook on cooling housing market (reuters.com)
Mortgage rates shoot up on inflation fears (cnn.com)
Bay Area trophy properties on the market for years (sfgate.com)
In debt's shadow (dispatch.com)
Housing Troubles? Bank on It (redorbit.com)
Southern Nevada economy: slowdown felt locally (reviewjournal.com)
Misconception: Renting is for Suckers (investorgeeks.com)
House building, manufacturing index slide (sacbee.com)
Foreclosure equity not enough (lvbusinesspress.com)
Mortgage rates shoot up on inflation fears (cnn.com)
Construction, manufacturing activity fall (businessweek.com)
Price gains vanish, to be replaced by losses (graph by Jas Jain)
We have seen prices drop as much as 30% (biz.yahoo.com)
Lumber prices drop as U.S. house market stalls
'For Sale' signs pepper Florida neighborhood (heraldtribune.com)
Flippers beware: the market has peaked (tampabay.bizjournals.com)
Massachusetts foreclosures surge (lowellsun.com)
Foreclosures: '80s vs. '06 (dallasnews.com)
Housebuilders Edge Down (chron.com)
Mortgage demand dip; 30-yearhits 4-year high of 6.66% (usatoday.com)
Prospering in the housing bust (msnbc.com)
Fed in a Quandary (Mish)
Construction Defects: The Flood to Come? (Charles Hugh Smith)
Foreclosure Hot Spots (forbes.com)
Prefab-house gains signal housing pain (msnbc.com)

Fort Lauderdale: Houses for sale reach 11.4-month supply (usatoday.com)
Napa house sales slow (napavalleyregister.com)
Speculators say adiós to Tucson house market (tucsoncitizen.com)
Housing permits lose steam (floridatoday.com)
Facing Foreclosure in Wisconsin (wkowtv.com)
Sacramento Region built 10 percent of new California housing (nalert.blogspot.com)
Housing Bubble Fact or Fiction? (foxnews.com)
How to Buy a $450K Home for $750K (Charles Hugh Smith)
Buyers hope for still lower prices as sellers wait for return of boom (heraldtribune.com)
No one comes knocking, despite lowered price (heraldtribune.com)
The Big Glut (barrons.com)
It's a renter's market (palmbeachpost.com)
Real estate agents may have to throw in the kitchen sink (inbusinesslasvegas.com)
California foreclosure activity is rising (dailynews.com)
Cape leads foreclosure surge in MA (capecodonline.com)
Mortgage defaults on rise in Chicago (chicagotribune.com)
Twin Cities foreclosures climb at record pace (twincities.com)
The Growing Financial Risks of the Housing Bubble (Charles Hugh Smith)
As housing market slips, consider new tactics (sunherald.com)
Easy-to-get loans cause thousands to lose homes (palmbeachpost.com)
Housing: More Inventory (Calculated Risk)
Sales fall, prices level off as market turns in S. Florida (sun-sentinel.com)
Greenspan Predicts Housing Bust (Mish)
Hot ideas for a cooling housing market (miami.com)
Leading Realtor sounds warning (orlandosentinel.com)
To succeed in a tough market, you've got to change your strategy (cnn.com)
Don't bet your house on it (economist.com)
S. Florida house sales fall in April (miami.com)
Sales of used houses plunge (palmbeachpost.com)
New houses a hard sell in changing market (sptimes.com)
Foreclosure Rates Soar in Metropolitan Chicago (yahoo.com)
Housing prices in S. Fla. remain in a rut (sun-sentinel.com)
House, condo sales fall sharply in April (naplesnews.com)
Housing market hangs in Fed's balancing act (usatoday.com)
New signs of cooling housing market (Associated Press)
In ARMs way: Taking a chance (philly.com)
Home Not So Sweet Home (journals.aol.com)
As rates rise, foreclosures surge (msnbc.com)
Fannie Mae's disgraceful bonuses (sptimes.com)
Fannie Mae -- Arrogant, Chastised and Not Reformed (bloomberg.com)
Housing Prices and Use Value (Mike Alexander)
Mass. house, condo sales plunge (bostonherald.com)
Boston house sales plunge 16.5% in April (lowellsun.com)
Foreclosure fear grows in Sacramento region (sacbee.com)
April New House Sales: 1,198,000 (Calculated Risk)
Foreclosures in Las Vegas Are on The Rise (klastv.com)
Lower mortgage rates don't spur loan demand (usatoday.com)
Is the housing bubble bursting? (msn.com)
Study Finds 'Extensive' Fraud at Fannie Mae (washingtonpost.com)
Endangered Species: The Real Estate Agent (freakonomics.com)
Inflation and Housing: Calculating the Bust (Charles Hugh Smith)
Sales of New Houses Jump Unexpectedly, But Prices Fall (breitbart.com)
A record glut of houses for sale in Mass. should send prices tumbling (boston.com)
Colorado Foreclosure Rate #1 Again (krdotv.com)
US hard landing starts now (moneyweek.com)
AZ real-estate agents optimistic, at least for buyers (newszap.com)
Fannie Mae Manipulated Accounting (yahoo.com)
Fannie Mae Regulator Says Growth Should Be `Limited' (bloomberg.com)
Real estate cool-down has many shifting gears (recordnet.com)
Housing Prices vs. "Use Value" (safehaven.com)
Housing futures debut as bubble deflates (reuters.com)
Housing worries continue to cloud economic picture (thenewstribune.com)
Fed's Fisher says inflation running too high (reuters.com)
Housing disconnect (marketwatch.com)
Foreclosures up 39 percent in 1Q (msn.com)
The high price of land-use planning (sfgate.com)
Seller Hires Actors To Pretend Neighborhood Occupied (Steve Bartin)
Has the Bubble Finally Burst? (princetoninfo.com)
Lennar leaving CO market (coloradoan.com)
Hawaii rents turning in tenants' favor (honoluluadvertiser.com)
Feds close house appraisal scheme (suntimes.com)
A Landing Yes, but Soft?
The Growl of a Housing Bear
California has the top 11 least-affordable markets
Right now, buyers can be choosers
Home flippers' investments flop
Housing: 10% Decline May Trigger Financial Ruin
Buyers control market
Home sellers beware
House sales losing steam
Greenspan: "Housing Boom Is Over"
Real estate market sees further decline
California Construction Employment Falls
San Francisco area April house sales hit 5-year low
Greenspan Says U.S. Housing Boom Over
Lifting IQs
The Next -0- days
Cost Of Commuting Leading To Foreclosures
Sacramento housing inventory skyrockets

29% of 2005 borrowers owe more than value of house
Greenspan says US housing boom is over
From Boom to Bust All Over Again?
Housing boom a bust?
Bay Area house sales still slowing
House sales continue slowdown
Studies find that late payments on mortgages rise
After the Bubble: How Low Will We Go, Part II
Percentage of Reduced Listings Per Market
Korean housing prices to dip 20-30%
Burn Rates
House sales sag despite price cuts
House Market Takes Dip; First Price Drop Since '93
Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Inman blog housing market update
Why Post-Bubble Rents Matter
Prices fall in some U.S. cities
U.S. Stocks Fall on Home Depot Sales, Drop in Housing Starts
Massachusetts house prices drop in first quarter
House sales in FL drop steeply
After the Bubble: Rents and Housing Values
We're Stuck With The Mortgage Monsters
Mortgage fraud growing rapidly, agencies say
Cooling prices on houses still chill buyers
351 reduced prices in Bay Area
Housing slowdown to be widely felt
SoCal real estate sales hit 5-year low
Housing prices slip a bit; sales slowing
Owning Investment Property During a Housing Bust
FL Housing prices cool for quarter
Housing Starts Fall 7.4% to Lowest in 17 Months
Lenders take notice as defaults are rising
House prices fall 3% nationally in one quarter
Reno Nevada Prices Drop - New House Sales Stall
Sales plunge more than 15% in five leading states
Those ARMs starting to hurt
Most who left MA don't plan to return
After the Bubble: How Low Will It Go?
No shortage of houses for sale at the beach
Loans due, houses empty in Maryland
Battling the 6 percent real-estate toll
No Spring in Real-Estate Step
Boston: Housing Market Slump Sends Prices Down
Sacramento Home Listings & Inventory Numbers
Builder Confidence Declines In May
U.S. house builders' index falls to 45, lowest in 11 years
Bankruptcy filings soaring again
Experts predict real estate drop will spread
Market still stagnates
A tale of two bubbles
That adjustable-rate mortgage seemed like such a great idea...
As Home Foreclosures Pile Up Are the Prices Bogus?
More buyers leaving contracts, huge deposits on table
Leave the ball at midnight
Has the Housing Bubble Found Its Pin?
Menlo Park, CA market peak was July 2005
Precipitous collapse of residential condominium market throughout Washington D.C. region and nation
NH foreclosures up; mortgage rates drop
Price of new houses tumbling for five months at rate of 18.4%
Banks and Bubbles II: "We Will Focus on These High-Growth Markets"
Foreclosures In Columbus Are Rising
Boycott Housing in San Francisco Bay Area
UCLA's Thornberg: "Was that a 'Pop' I Heard?"(PDF)
Value of closed sales in San Diego continues falling(PDF)
Cooling market squeezing Bay Area developers
Brokerages entice people to take on more debt with new mortgages
50-Year Mortgages Increases Risk
Lending boom leads to wave of complaints
Foreclosures Up As Mortgage Rates Climb
LI housing market takes turn for buyers
No Gifts Please, Just Bids
Minneapolis house sales cool
Government auditors found problems with 1 in 4 mortgages
Foreclosures Up as Mortgage Rates Climb
Golden West sale might portend housing boom's end
Longer Bull Run = Bigger bubble
Fannie CEO frets about adjustable mortgages
Mortgage Application Volume Down
It's taking longer to sell a house
The Housing-Savings-Recession Connection
Fed boosts rates for 16th time
Merrill predicts slow deflation, along with some regional busts
More are struggling to pay the mortgage
WCI and DHOM / Let's do the Math
Buyers' market emerges in U.S.
A big leak in the housing bubble
Repealing estate tax helps rich, harms regular folks
Fed is targeting the price of your house
3 Of The Top 9 Reasons That The Real Estate Bubble Is Bursting
Number of houses for sale spikes
More errors found in Fannie Mae accounting
Prices fall in Maui
Hawai'i house sales continue to cool
US bubbleocracy -- housing prices and the triumph of hope over reality
Dramatic drop in housing starts reported across Canada
Slow is the word in housing market
The New Road to Serfdom: A Negative-Equity Mortgage
Housing slowdown appears to be spreading nationwide
Exposing Unethical Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Mess
Tenants Wanted
Californians in a sudden rush to sell their houses and skip the state?
Central Valley Inventory Bulging
Foreclosures, the IRS, and Donuts
A Chill Is in the Air for Sellers
Seven houses on one street are up for sale
Buffett: Real estate slowdown ahead
The Least Affordable Place to Live? Try Salinas
Housing Bubble Bust Will Take Down the Global Economy
Rent or Buy?
Sold -- or Not: When House Buyers Walk
Unmaking the myths
Double-edged loans
Vegas house sales plunge in April
Statistics Aside, Many Feel Pinch of Daily Costs
Australian Property investors hit hard
State checking eBay land deals
Statistics from a Realtor
Denver unsold houses hit record in April
Through the roof
Some Buyers Regret Not Asking: Anyone Die Here?
Toll Brothers Orders Fall 32%; Delivery Goal Is Cut
Dwindling speculators Dwindling jobs

Who will be hurt most?
30-year mortgages at 6.59%, approaching a 4-year high
More C.A.R. Blather
Another mortgage firm in trouble
Fed's Bies: "Housing has ... Peaked"
Welcome to the dead zone
Flipper Anomalies and a Flight from ARMs
Housing Indicators
Mortgage default notices are rising
San Diego Housing Foreclosure Rates Climb Sharply
Mortgage Defaults Rise in State
Top 10 Bird Sounds
Great image on this month's Harper's magazine
Hillsborough Mortgage Broker Arrested For Alleged Fraud
Study: Developers should stop building 'commodity' homes
Intero Real Estate Statistics
Reasons Change for Refinancing
Statistics from Las Vegas may not be as strong as they appear, analyst says
Ameriquest Mortgage Co. closes 229 offices, lays off 3,800
Viewpoint: Housing bubble going bust nationally
More California houses nearing foreclosure
Bay Area foreclosure activity hits highest level in two years
Working on the housing boom
Oahu House Sales, Prices Slide In April
Incentives offered as market for houses slows
Housing concerns
Apartment owners think twice about going condo
GDP and Mortgage Interest
Housing Wealth Effect Shifts Into Reverse
Blink and They're Still There
Housebuilder stock tumbles on weaker outlook
Exotic Mortgages Begin to Reset - Look Out Below!
Did Someone Say Bubble?
Buyers are gaining the upper hand in a softening real estate market
Assessing boom-and-bust cycles, the time to buy or sell is ...
What $500K Buys In Real Estate Elsewhere
Confidence in Housing Market Dips
Flipping houses is harder than it looks
How Many Foreclosures Will Hit the Market?
Highrollers are folding in Sin City
Sacramento Centex houses plummet $100,000. Recent buyers screwed.
Foreclosures climb nationally
House-Sales Forecast Not Rosy
Housing expert says party's over
Fed may limit Fannie if congress fails
Brokers deal ends with couple facing eviction by new owner
Iraqi housing bubble stalls
N.Y. property taxes up 42% over five years
U.S. housing woes may bode ill for Canada
If No One Whispered 'Housing Bubble,' There'd Be No Worry
Bargains Forecast
Stories of Florida's 1925 bubble

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